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Kristiansund, no
About me:
Well, I'm not so very interesting really... I guess you're dying to know something about me, but sorry, no can do.
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Lord of The Rings! (Best of all time!) Braveheart

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At the moment I'm working on Ulfgard Chronicles, a project I'm working on with a bunch of other modders. Apart from that I'm also working on Viking Village 1.4, Kvatch Rebuilt: Underground, and Episode 1 of the Might and Magic Jumper Series.

I also got a few small mods in the making: A island with a village where you can become major, and have lots of stuff built, etc. This is a very lush island, and I've taken very much care with the landscape.
A desert island with an evil Emir, where you'll help a band of rebels take back the city.

And last, I'm working on a mod for a school project, where I was supposed to get inspiration from a red garlic... yay! (Any suggestions...?)

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